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    Can I Learn Aerial Yoga At Home?

If you are interested in learning aerial yoga, your first destination to call may be a local class. Due to the increasing popularity of sports such as aerial yoga, more and more people are keen to practice this sport at home.

Can I Learn Aerial Yoga At Home?

What equipment do I need?

Aerial yoga equipment is very easy to use and easy to install. Most yoga swings do not require any special equipment and can be hung on simple pull-up poles, door frames or trees!

Here is a brief overview of the equipment used in aerial yoga, as well as links to other pages on our website with more information.

Yoga swing/Yoga hammock

A yoga swing (also called a yoga hammock) is a modified set of aerial silks (think Cirque du Soleil!) designed to be hung from the ceiling.

This is a very basic concept, but you can choose from several ways to purchase. You can choose the size, color, whether you need to support the handle or not. Before choosing a yoga swing, there are many things to consider!

Door frame strip

Door frame poles are the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to hang aerial yoga swings at home. The new yoga swing can be hung easily and safely in less than 10 minutes of installation time. As a bonus, they can also be used as a pull-up/pull-up bar!


Another easy and economical way to hang a yoga swing is to use solid metal hooks fixed to ceiling beams. This makes it a very powerful way to deal with aerial yoga swings.

Independent aerial work platform

If you want a sturdy solution to hang an aerial yoga swing anywhere, the freestanding rig is a large "A"-shaped frame (similar to the frame of a children's swing device) that can support the weight of a hammock.

Stand-alone drilling rigs are excellent because they are usually height-adjustable, can be used indoors or outdoors, and are multidisciplinary. This means you can also use them for Lyra hoops, low wire, and even trapeze!

What should I wear for aerial yoga?

For aerial yoga, you need to wear well-fitting clothes. After performing regular yoga, you can take off loose tops or wide-bottomed yoga pants, but loose clothes will hinder your exercise and may get tangled in the yoga swing!

In aerial yoga class, even if you don't usually wear clothes that fit in your daily life, you will wear comfortable clothes.


Leggings with long ankles are best because they can cover your skin to avoid burns. The leggings are leggings, but are designed for men to ensure that their trash is covered and protected!

Sports bra

For women, you will be pleased with the sports bra, because it allows you to keep everything in place when it is upside down!


If your hair is very long, it is important to tie it up. The last thing you want is to clip your hair on a swing – oops! You may also want the headband to keep the bangs from showing your eyes.


Any well-fitting top can be done, avoid loose T-shirts, because they will fall on your face when performing upside-down poses!

Yoga socks/shoes

Yoga socks usually do not have a rubber grip at the bottom, so they are very useful for aerial yoga. They will help you grab the fabric of the swing and provide you with extra safety and comfort. Exposed skin on the skin will cause additional friction, and shiny fabric will make it harder to grasp.

Aerial yoga rope, free of installation, only need to put the door anchor on the door when using, and put on the yoga rope.

Double lifting ring protection, double load bearing, free adjustment of lock, suitable for various heights.

Compress the sponge head to protect the door frame from damage. The tension rope is widened and thickened, and the double-layer webbing is protected. 

Yoga cloth: Expand 4.6*5.2ft 200KG capacity, comfortable and soft, stylish and elegant

No age restriction, Digital labeling is conducive to your free adjustment. 

It can be adjusted freely according to different heights and training stages.