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        Thinking Of Doing Aerial Yoga At Home?

Using yoga trapeze

After successfully installing the yoga silk, you can start the fun of swinging or trapeze. Now it’s time to try your home yoga exercise. However, there are some points to keep in mind when mastering the techniques of acrobatic yoga.

Thinking Of Doing Aerial Yoga At Home?

Don't become a master too quickly

Stepping into a yoga swing for the first time can be exciting, and going straight into more complex poses can be convincing.


For people who have done a lot of yoga exercises on the mat, this is especially true. You may be very advanced on the ground, but doing these asanas in a trapeze is a completely different ball sport.

Don't cover yourself with lotions and potions

Although we are totally in favor of taking care of your skin, it is important not to foam yourself in the moisturizer before using the yoga swing. The main reason for this is that your grip strength may be reduced and it may cause slippage.


In addition, any lotions or creams present on your skin will absorb the swing material, causing the need to wash more frequently.


After the home yoga exercise is over, it is best to jump into the shower, wash and apply lotion.

Having said that, please keep your yoga swing clean.

We mentioned that body lotion will make your swing material accumulate dirt faster, but it must be noted that your yoga swing must be kept clean and must be cleaned regularly.


You may sweat during exercise, and even during low-intensity exercise, even if you do not sweat often, you will still shed your skin. In addition, natural dust and dirt in the room can accumulate on the material.


If other people use the same as themselves, it is particularly important to clean aerial yoga equipment.