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Starting a yoga practice or deepening your existing one is one of the easiest ways to reduce anxiety and stress, and even improve one's mental health. It also challenges your muscles, moves your body through its natural range-of-motion, and, with the right flow, gets your heart rate up.

Best yoga mat

Finding the perfect yoga mat can be a frustrating experience for many. Not only does it take time, practice, and patience to break it in, but trying out different mats can end up being a big investment. 

Natural grippy, non-slip TPE Yoga Mats are eco-friendly and durable. These mats are multi-purpose and can be used for Yoga Practice, Gymnastics, Pilates, Gym Exercise, Home Workout, or Fitness. This mat is good for kids, men, and women. Good for Hot Yoga. Kid-friendly, since it's natural.

Best yoga strap

Straps allow yogis to safely stretch out hamstrings, adductors, and IT bands while reducing stress on the neck and shoulders, said Nancy Hoi Wong, doctor of occupational therapy and RYT200 yoga teacher at LA-based Fusion Wellness & Physical Therapy

Best yoga bottle

If you're moving through a vigorous flow, staying hydrated is important. A small 2017 study in the International Journal of Yoga found that yogis who drank water both before and during hot yoga classes were less likely to experience symptoms of dehydration than those that didn't. Even if you're doing a low-key flow, rehydrating can keep your muscles and your brain happy.