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   What Size Yoga Ball Should I Get?

The pace of modern life is too fast. Faced with endless work every day, when they come home from work, they have to take care of the elderly and children at home. The sub-health condition of modern young people is getting worse and worse. I thought about going to the gym to check in, and then I took a sweaty fitness photo in my circle of friends PO, and instantly received many likes and full of positive energy.

But the reality is that after you finish overtime, the daily classes in the gym are already class over. What to do without exercising? That is impossible. You can also exercise at home, and even exercise and bring your baby.


Many female friends around me started practicing yoga under my influence. Zero-based yoga, in addition to unassisted asanas, more often use auxiliary tools to complete certain specific movements, such as ball yoga.


Ball yoga is an emerging fitness exercise that combines the elasticity and rolling properties of the ball according to the traditional yoga asanas.


Ball yoga has many benefits, not only can help us to strengthen our body effectively, but also have the effect of losing weight, and this exercise weight loss method is especially suitable for women, self-cultivation and shaping, perfect and more beautiful lines.


Compared with traditional yoga, "ball yoga" is more interesting. It can be used to help exercise balance, enhance muscle control, and improve body flexibility and coordination. Add actions on the sphere to increase the difficulty.


Using the yoga ball, you can also do a lot of exercises to stretch the body, not only to avoid muscle soreness, but also to massage. When the person is in full contact with the ball, it will massage the human body well to relieve tension.


There are many benefits of ball yoga. Today we will talk about how to choose a yoga ball that suits you.


Q: How to choose large and small yoga balls?

A: First of all, you must choose the size of the yoga ball according to your body. The size of the yoga ball is 45 cm, 55 cm, 65 cm, 75 cm, etc. If you are a petite lady, you can choose 45 cm or 55. Centimeter yoga balls, while 65 cm and 75 cm yoga balls are more suitable for tall men.


Q: With so many yoga balls on the market, which one is more reliable?

A: In addition to the choice of size, the more important point is to choose a strong and durable fitness ball produced by a regular manufacturer, which is very flexible and has full safety.


We can usually tell by smell whether the material of the yoga ball is safe and non-toxic. Use high-quality raw materials without peculiar smell, while using inferior toxic raw materials will have a pungent plastic smell, please do not buy. In addition, whether the GS certification passed the TUV test can also indicate whether the material is harmful to the human body.


Q: The material of the yoga ball is uneven, how far?

A: There are two types of yoga balls on the market, explosion-proof material and pearlescent material.


The explosion-proof ball is made of high-grade explosion-proof material, which is soft like a sponge, and has the compression resistance and flexibility of a tire and high elasticity like a spring. Generally, it can withstand a weight of about 400 kg, which is safe and secure.


The pearlescent yoga ball has a smooth surface and good reflectivity. However, in terms of craftsmanship, only some pearlescent powder is added to it, and the thickness is relatively thin compared to the explosion-proof material.


So I highly recommend this explosion-proof ball. The most obvious feature of the explosion-proof ball is that it has small explosion-proof bubbles. If you look carefully, there will be some fine particles on the surface of the ball. I am using a WIWO yoga ball with a good reputation.

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